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Return and Refund Policy of the Product

1. Buyer can apply for return, refund, or replacement of the product within 7 days from the date of delivery and it will be the duty of seller to accept the return, release refund or replace product. Seller can also communicate with buyer to resolve the issue related to product or order placed by buyer. However, if there is false or baseless complain regarding the delivery or product quality then the buyer will not be eligible for refund or replacement after authorization of TradzHub.

2. Before dispatching the product, the seller shall reasonably ensure that the packaging of the product is appropriate and is not damaged of tampered.

3. The shipping charges will be bear by seller itself for both self-ship or TradzHub shipping, If buyer return, or apply for replacement of the product within 7 days from the date of delivery of the parcel then the return charges will be bear by seller for both self-ship and TradzHub shipping and if the product is undelivered due to inappropriate shipping address or buyer rejects the shipment due to any reason then the Return to Origin (RTO) charges will be bear by seller if the order is self-shipped by the seller and Return to Origin (RTO) charges will be bear by TradzHub if the seller use TradzHub shipping.

4. The process to return the product may be subject to additional terms which depend upon category, nature, and type of product. Any of this additional term must be specified on the listing and must be provided by the seller during purchase of product.

5. Seller agrees to accept the product return by the buyer within the time period mentioned by the TradzHub on website, but in rare case if seller is unable to accept the return product then TradzHub have right to sell those product by providing the right, title, and interest to the other person or customer.

6. It is the duty of seller to record the video and capture images while packing the product for delivery and while opening the parcel returned. If seller claim that the returned product received by seller is changed or different from the original product then TradzHub can ask the seller to provide the images and video while opening the return parcel and also while packing the original parcel for delivery as a supportive document, after analyzing the documents provided by the buyer and seller the product amount which will be released to buyer or seller will depend on TradzHub discretion, which will be final decision and has to be accepted by buyer and seller.