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Product Delivery

1. Various delivery modes are available for delivery of purchased product to the buyer which are to be decided by seller, during the course of delivery the risk of any damage or loss of the product shall be bear by seller and not by the buyer. Seller accepts and guaranty that the product which will be delivered are not faulty and will be those products which are listed by the seller on the website and which are purchased by the buyer. The product delivered must meet all description and specifications as listed on website.

2. Shipping address and pin code of the buyer will be verified with the database available on the website prior the payment is made by the buyer. If buyer order is not serviceable by the seller or logistic service provided by TradzHub then it is the responsibility of the seller to deliver the parcel on the respective address provided by the buyer. In case the delivery is not available for any particular area then the buyer can provide any alternative address for the product to be delivered.

3. Buyer can provide billing address and shipping address which may be different, and it is the seller’s responsibility to create invoice on Billing address and to ship product on Shipping address.

4. Please note that after receiving the order it will be the responsibility of the seller to dispatch the product within 2 working days. However, the product will not be delivered to the buyer unless he makes the payment for the product purchased.

5. The buyer will be bound to accept the delivery of the product purchased by him which is to be delivered in the area/address provided by the buyer. If buyer refused to accept the delivery of the product ordered by him then, the buyer will be liable to the TradzHub for non-acceptance of the product sold by seller and will further be liable to TradzHub for any charges, fees or loses that the TradzHub shall have earned from seller if such delivery have been completed.

6. The title, ownership, rights, and interest in the product shall directly pass on to the buyer upon the delivery of the product from the seller and also after making full payment of the price of the product. On delivery the buyer has to accept the product and the risk of loss will also be passed on to the buyer as soon as the product is delivered.

7. If the order is self-shipped by the seller and the product shipped is misplaced/loss/damaged/destroyed by the courier, then the seller itself will be responsible for such loss.