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Temperature Controller Module, 2PCS XH W1209 Display Digital Thermostat Module with Waterproof NTC Probe - Pack of 2

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  • The W1209 thermostat module has a STM8S controller, a sensor input, keys, LED display, and a relay. It can be reprogrammed for control, timing, or counting.
  • Temperature Measurement Range: -50~110℃. Control Precision: 0.1 celsius.
  • Electronic digital thermostat with a 3-digit LED display, extremely bright. Operation both in heating and cooling to easily control equipment and devices.
  • The output is electronically controlled by a microprocessor, to guarantee the utmost precision of intervention and an excellent resolution of reading temperature.
  • The NTC probe is waterproof and allows to control the temperature even of fluids, allowing the controlled heated or cooling.
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Categories:Robotics, Sensor

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The w1209 is an incredibly yet highly functional thermostat controller. This module, you can intelligently control power to most types of electrical de ce based on the temperature sensed by the included high accuracy ntc temperature sensor. Although this module has an embedded microcontroller no programming knowledge is required. 3 tactile switches allow for configuring rious parameters including on and off trigger temperatures. The current temperature is displayed in degrees centigrade a its 3 digit n segment display and the current relay state by an on board LED.


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